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  1. Syfer
    Syfer TURBOGTA
    Hello there, I just found and joined this forum just to speak to you lol. I was wondering if you still had the TTA gauge cluster available for sale. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I am very interested. Thank you for your time.
  2. Michael lambert
    Michael lambert Jan Larsson
    Hi Jan. I recently inherited my Fathers TTA and I am trying to find the build #. GM referred me to gmmediaachchives who said they would send me an invoice go $60 but can't tell me if it has the build number on it. I am new to TTA. Com so I sent an email and Chris K suggested I send you my vin #. I hope you can help. Vin#1G5FW2170KL246930. Thank You for your time.
  3. michbc3
    michbc3 sdriche
    Need your radio! Please email me direct to make arrangements. Thanks! Bob Crow, [email protected]
  4. tta89
    Guess who's back...
  5. racerwolfrx
    Still alive and kicking - Starting on complete interior refinish. Upholstery, carpet, headliner, dye all panels and dash top
  6. Turbo87
    Turbo87 Jan Larsson
    I am new to the Tta world but an avid GN person so I know the cars and the details of Tta but confused on festival cars . I am being told that ALL cloth interior , T-top cars are festival cars .. Is this true ? I am looking to get my first Tta and found Tta 0537, has 49k mile cloth interior and is looking for 18k. Thanks for any advice you have -Keith
    1. Jan Larsson
      Jan Larsson
      Keith welcome to the world of TTA's ... better to PM me rather than post of my profile page (don't get notifications of those) ... anyway answer is NO not all t-top cloth were festival cars ... if you download the VIN list (pdf) you see which of all the cloth/t-top where actually festival cars helping with your search.

      Any other questions let me know and I will try to help to the best of my knowledge.


      Sep 24, 2016
  7. Nick turbo TA
    Nick turbo TA RatFink
    Does anybody have any information on John Piercy's Turbo Trans Am car number 504
  8. Nick turbo TA
    Nick turbo TA RatFink
    Where can I get that rat Fink T-shirt 347-538-5473
  9. Nick turbo TA
    Nick turbo TA RatFink
    Where can I get the right Frank T-shirt 347-538-5473
  10. Adrian
    Adrian 72firebird
    do you have part numbers for the Eibach pro-kit springs? im in need of a set of springs for the front any info would be greatly appreciated
  11. amitch
    amitch Racetronix
    I tried contacting you guys numerous times since ordering from your website a week ago. I would like to cancel my order, hopefully i can get a response on here.
  12. Jeffrey Anfuso
    Jeffrey Anfuso amitch
    any available. looking now.
    1. amitch
      I have nothing right now. Ill stay on the look outnif the manufacture evers makes them again
      Jun 2, 2016
  13. dlee63
    dlee63 simo
    i see from your postings you have 4 DT 500's , i have a hardtop DT 500 with 54k on it - it's my understanding they only made 116 hardtop cars, do you have one? ( i've never seen another ). i figured if you have 4 of these cars you would know quite alot about them - any info. would be great. thanks.
  14. Nick turbo TA
  15. kidsixpack
    I've not heard of John.KID
  16. kidsixpack
    I've not heard of John.
  17. Nick turbo TA
    Nick turbo TA kidsixpack
    Does any 1 know of John Pearcy and his tta
  18. Nick turbo TA
    Nick turbo TA
    I own #1240 and 504
  19. bimmerzhp
    bimmerzhp ta88gta
    Hi Dave,

    Could u send me some pics of the t-top shade So?

  20. 89WhitePhoenix
    My smart phone make me look dumb when I t-type.
  21. El Dee Bee
  22. jarredsoon
    jarredsoon PhillyTurboSix
    Hi Jim, it's Jarred. I am not sure how to pm you but I want to pm you. Can you pm me and then I can reply? Thanks , Jarred.
  23. Coltsfan1
    Coltsfan1 TTOP350
    Hey man send me address again I totally forgot about this old brochure I was gonna send
  24. Coltsfan1
    Coltsfan1 eop002
    Can u give me a call about ur stock intercooler. Thanks 815 695 5290
  25. Coltsfan1
    Coltsfan1 randall
    Can u call me....interested in one or both of the intercoolers and power steering pump. 815 695 5290. Thanks