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    2014 TTA reuniuon? Let's vote on what you guys like the best...

    I went to the reunion in that Jim set up and had a great time. Unfortunately, it was very hot and just pavement, so got a bit sick from the heat. Won't be able to make it this year and I really wish I could.
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    Bunch of parts and memorabilia for sale

    Interested in mud flaps if still available Lynn #603
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    CarFax I have a few Left -

    You got my PM right? Lynn 603
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    Tta out for an aggressive drive!

    Where can I get head baskets for these cars and how much do they run? Thanks Lynn 603
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    CarFax I have a few Left -

    Sounds good Car 603 Lynn Would love one. If I can have one, will send you a Pm with my address Thanks Lynn
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    New Greenlight 1:64 Scale TTA Pace Car

    Need 603 Ill post the numbers I have later. Its late and I am tired
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    New Greenlight 1:64 Scale TTA Pace Car

    Where are the numbers on the.1/18z ? Lynn 603
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    Post your TTA DIECAST MODEL # HERE for trading purposes

    I have 1550, looking for 603 Lynn Bravesoul1
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    Some Misc Parts

    The front, pArticularly at the sides where they tend to come apart. Thanks Lynn 603
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    Some Misc Parts

    Pictures of console, interested in console Lynn Car 603
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    New Greenlight 1:64 Scale TTA Pace Car

    Bought 12 - looking for #603
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    TTA Parts N Stuff

    How much for the oil filters? Lynn 603
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    Looking into 30th anniversary ta

    Interesed in 1995 convertible, price, mileage, pictures etc My email is [email protected] What color is it? Stock or modified. Please let me know. THANK LYNN CAR 603
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    Elecric wiring diagram

    Me too Lynn 603
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