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    Pushrod length please help

    what did your pushrod length end up at? i think i have a set of new ones i didnt use when i did my heads.
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    What's going on 2020?

    bought this thing to drive back and for to work, its twin turbo 3.8
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    fule pump

    i used the deustworks pump on one works really well.
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    emblems are sold
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    i got a set of emblems for sale, bought them from Ray Bunch awhile back after he sold his car $50 shipped to lower 48
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    exhaust crossover

    anyone have an exhaust crossover they'd be willing to part with? TIA
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    parts for sale

    ince what's your email?, i took some more pics a couple of them don't look as goops i thought i never took them out of bags. i'll send you pic if you change you mind i'll send you refund
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    parts for sale

    i have a set of new unused march performance pullys for the turbo buick 3.8, $125 shipped also have a set of emblem that o bought from Ray bunch when he sold his TTA, these are from his car when it was repainted can't remember car number $160 shipped
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    Cat back exhaust

    i've installed one pretty happy with, also have a 3in downpipe not fitment issues at all and sounds good.
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    What is it worth?

    the lowest i've seen for a running drivable car was about 12k but that was awhile ago, whats your budget
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    What is it worth?

    check the ad's here and on they come up for sale there's a guys on there now that wants to trade one for a gn, depends on what you wanna spend
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    What is it worth?

    got a link to the ebay ad? i've seen cars for sale as low as 14k that were good drivers.
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    What is it worth?

    hmm no controller that i know of for fuel pump unless he means the ecm. depends on the condition of the rest of the car and what else it needs, what's he asking?
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    What is it worth?

    could be fuel pump not hard to replace
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    Strobe lights

    looks good got anymore pics
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