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May 4, 1968 (Age: 49)
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Philadelphia, PA
broadcast engineer

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Administrator, 49, from Philadelphia, PA

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    1. chuchoh85
      Hello my friend, excuse me, do you have on sale your 1:18 pontiac green machine version? Thank you so much!!
    2. jarredsoon
      Hi Jim, it's Jarred. I am not sure how to pm you but I want to pm you. Can you pm me and then I can reply? Thanks , Jarred.
    3. TTA976
      Hi Jim... Merry Christmas

      86 87 Buick Regal Grand National Pontiac 89 tta Billet Tensioner with Pulley | eBay

      That is a good deal...He just put them up recently at that price.

    4. 8289ta
      Jim - a guy with the user name Linson joined the site and needs the admin approval. Maybe you can help him out as he would like to post about a TTA he wants to purchase.

    5. candy007
      Hello, everyone. I’m candy, from BEIJING JMX DEVELOPMENT MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Our company is an independent professional turbocharger manufacturer. We can provide more than 3000 kinds of turbochargers and 20,000 kinds of turbo parts. You can visit Jiamparts Sales products list. Page:1
      to get more information. Thank you very much.
    6. tta297
      I found an embroidery TTA T-top bag on your photo stream. Are they available somewhere? Thanks. Gary
    7. The 80's were better
      The 80's were better
      Hello Philly,

      I joined the site here a few months back and just purchased my 89 TTA. I wanted to understand how to post new threads or if I need to get setup a special way to post questions? Also, I see that all the cars are # out of the 1,555. How can I tell which # I have?

    8. Dave
      Is there someway to set the display options so that all of the cars for sell will display when the thread is opened. Now you have to select a display option to see the posts.


    9. Mark T-TB
      Mark T-TB
      I bought #545 today on e-bay... but I couldn't post that it isn't for sale in the "For Sale" thread? It says I "don't have permission" ... yet I'm signed in???
      Thanks, Mark
    10. ttanotchback
      Maybe you can ask Scott Kelly I'm installing the TTA gauges in a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am and I can't find a TTA gauge wiring harness. If I just modify the V8 TPI stock gauge wiring in the 88, can I just wire the boost gauge and use a 3 BAR Turbo boost sensor like the one in the 89 TTA? Did PAS use the GTA wiring harness and modify it for the TTA? Thanks Louie
    11. PhillyD
      Hi Jim:

      Do we have the ability to delete a thread that we've started?


    12. TTA984
    13. PhillyTurboSix
      PM Jan LArrson he will hook you up! :)
    14. adam levy
      adam levy
      how do i get to vin list , would love to see it
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    May 4, 1968 (Age: 49)
    Home Page:
    Philadelphia, PA
    broadcast engineer
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    Anything american with a turbo on it!


    Jim from Philly
    *1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans AM. 30K original miles. Car #396 (238495) CC1 Leather with matching die-cast! Featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines. Feb. 06 issue #29

    *1986 Buick Grand National CF5 car. All stock resto. The still and B-roll car in "Black air"
    *1987 Buick Grand National CC1 car. All the typical go fast mods. Everything rebuilt with Alky and some bling bling!
    *2009 GMC Sierra SLE 2500HD 6.0L 6L90E Graystone metallic. This is what hauls them all around! :thumbup:

    Turbo Tweak chips in ALL my cars! :thumbup:

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    GSCA member #5314

    Director & PA Representative for Mid-Atlantic Grand National Association - MAGNA - A car club for Buick Grand National & GNX, T-Type & Turbo T, and Pontiac Turbo Trans AM owners in the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

    For all the TTA info check out... http://89tta.turbobuicks.net/

    Get your TTA gear here.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/phillyturbosix/sets/72157621458502124/


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