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    700 mile TTA on BAT

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    TTA Power Antenna

    1989 Antenna Production: 5049310 Service Replacement: 22101888
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    237 fuel regulator

    Click Here New One
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    How To Drain Fuel Tank

    Jump A & E on the harness. The two outer ones.
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    Part Number Or Name

    PN: 10077216 CLIP, CMPR & CNDSR HOSE (CA, US)
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    Hey Guys ...

    So you bought Scott's car.
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    Hey Guys ...

    You will find it here. Tta Vin List - Excel And Pdf Format
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    Oxygen Sensor Question

    From my records: SENSOR, EXH OXYGEN ACDelco AFS22 19178953
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    Tta Forged Pistons

    I had Ross build mine in 2011 with the stock diameter.
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    Air Filter With Spark Plugs Stamp?

    Funny, I found this one on ebay....NOS
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    Nothing When Turning Key......

    Since it will start with the key on occasion then the resistor pellet in the new keys should be the correct value. I had issues with #1490 doing the same thing and it was the neutral safety switch in the shifter assembly.
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    Stock Engine Pics

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    Stock Engine Pics

    Not Stock. From the Valve Cover, 90 Degree Grommet, Metal Tube, Straight Rubber Hose, Inlet Bell...With Two Clamps On The Straight Hose (Not Shown)....
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    89 Tta Actual Pace Car Photo

    Look through all the pages of this thread. Festival Car Photos from 1989. Finally got around to scanning them in.
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    Convert Air Conditioning?

    Nice and cool 50 miles away...Well sometimes it
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