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    Complete Stock Rear End 30k Miles

    Any interest? Complete with e brake cables, and brakes. A little over 30k miles when I switched to a 9". Had a little whining noise on decel.
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    Couple parts for sale

    Lakewood DS loop $35 Tta trans brake never been used $120 T-top bag in pretty good shape one zipper pull strap is missing. $50 All parts plus shipping and obo. Pictures available by E-mail or text 224-565-5097 [email protected] Thanks Dave
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    Fuel Pump change

    How hard do you think it would be to change the pump in a garage with the car on jack stands by myself?
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    Knocking/rattling sound at idle.

    After my car warms up when it is idling it's making a knocking sound that I can't pinpoint. I took the belt off, and it seemed to go away, but not sure what pulley might be bad. The tensioner pulley bearing seems fine. Do you think it could be the ac clutch? It doesnt make noise when I spin it...
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    Dead Forum

    Where is everybody? Why is this Web-site so dead? Thanks
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    I'm looking for ideas for the intake on my car. I'm using the k&n 9 inch with Grumpy's maf pipe. I'm trying to find something that is not as tight of a fit or to maybe even relocate the filter to the fender or somewhere else. Does anyone have any pictures I could look at? Thanks
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