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    Anyone Else Put 255s On The Rear?

    I run a 295/50 r16 on mine. Rubbed a little on the insides, but bumped it in a little with a 2x4, and a hammer. You can't tell at all
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    Do You Have Both? Tta & Gn

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    Tta Forged Pistons

    Call Mike at Full Throttle, and have him order you some pistons from Diamond.
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    What Size Studs For Heads?

    Pretty sure it's a sticky on this forum...
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    89 Tta Heavily Modded

    Has 9 second potential...
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    89 Tta Heavily Modded

    It sold to someone in Saint Louis, but a few months ago it was up for sale again...
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    Convert Air Conditioning?

    This was just doing a quick search. R12 FREON 14OZ CANS
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    Convert Air Conditioning?

    I have a receipt from the previous owner of my Buick for $145 for the R134 conversion. Air blows really cold. My TTA is still using R12. It's relatively easy to find a few cans on Craigslist still.
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    Tap Size

    I think a lot of the other holes are 3/8-20. If this is incorrect please post back. Thanks Dave
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    Complete Stock Rear End 30k Miles

    Still available...
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    Eco Removal And Installation

    Installed my ecm this afternoon. Even looking up there it still takes a little bit of feel. I was just starting to get frustrated, and I got it in to place. I know in the past when I've had it in, and out a few times close together it's pretty simple.
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    Eco Removal And Installation

    Other than lay on your back with your feet by the ceiling, and head on the floor no. Sorry
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    Performance Chips

    What does the shop mean by using their own tunes? How are they making adjustments? If you're looking to make max power with the car, then yes I would recommend getting a Power Logger. If you just want a little more power, and want to make sure the car is running safe a TT 5.7 chip, and a...
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    Performance Chips

    This is incorrect info. Using a Scanmaster you can also make adjustments to the TT chips.
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    Complete Stock Rear End 30k Miles

    About 40 miles west of Chicago.
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    Complete Stock Rear End 30k Miles

    Any interest? Complete with e brake cables, and brakes. A little over 30k miles when I switched to a 9". Had a little whining noise on decel.
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    stock exhaust tips

    I have a stock Muffler with tips...
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    Drag Radial?

    295/50/R16 Mickey Thompson drag radials on mine, and they barely rubbed on the inside of the wheel wells on hard turns. Had to make sure the rear end was perfectly centered with the adjustable panhard bar, and had to tap in the wheel wells a little with a hammer. You can't tell that it was...
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    Ring And Pinion Gears For Tta 9 Bolt 3.27 Ratio

    They were brand new, and also Included a brand new posi unit. I doubt anyone will ever find a set like this again.
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