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    i got a set of emblems for sale, bought them from Ray Bunch awhile back after he sold his car $50 shipped to lower 48
  2. instro84

    exhaust crossover

    anyone have an exhaust crossover they'd be willing to part with? TIA
  3. instro84

    parts for sale

    i have a set of new unused march performance pullys for the turbo buick 3.8, $125 shipped also have a set of emblem that o bought from Ray bunch when he sold his TTA, these are from his car when it was repainted can't remember car number $160 shipped
  4. instro84

    Exhaust Crossover Pipe

    still in need of a crossover pipe. let me know if you have one for sale
  5. instro84

    How To Drain Fuel Tank

    does the TTA have a plug under the hood to run the fuel pump to drain the tank?
  6. instro84

    Tta Floor Mats

    anyone know a source for the floor mats with the TTA log? been trying to call Jax seatcovers but no answer.
  7. instro84

    Arp Head Bolts

    i have a set of arp head bolts for sale $35 shipped to lower 48 also have a tta service manual supplement $30 shipped to lower 48
  8. instro84

    Magazines With Tta In Them

    i have a binder with some magazines with TTA's in them for sale, 9 bux each or take them all for 100 plus shipping. MOTOR TREND NOVEMBER 1988 (HAVE 2 OF THESE) CAR CRAFT DECEMBER 1988 MODERN MUSCLE CAR VOLUME 4 #3 HOT ROD NOVEMBER 1988 LEGEND SERIES MUSCLE CARS VOLUME 2 #3 CORVETTE FEVER...
  9. instro84

    Wtb Exhaust Crossover Pipe

    i'm in need of a crossover pipe the one on my car is banged up and doesn't seal.
  10. instro84

    Magazines With Tta

    got a binder with some TTA magazines thrown in with some part i bought recently
  11. instro84

    Tta Forged Pistons

    anyone know sources for forged TTA pistons? i called JE the other day and they had no ida what i was talking about told me to just order the GN pistons from their catalog.
  12. instro84

    Vacuum Hose

    trying to get 308 back on the road anyone know where this vacuum hose connects?
  13. instro84

    Tap Size

    need to clean up head bolt holes on a block anyone know the tap size?
  14. instro84

    Torque Specs

    whats the torque spec on the rockers for the tta heads?
  15. instro84

    Head Gasket

    time for the dreaded head gasket replacement. quick question on the TTA can i pull engine but itself or is it easier with trans attached?
  16. instro84

    Eco Removal And Installation

    anyone have any trick for getting this thing in and out its driving me nuts.
  17. instro84

    Valve Covers

    gonna hit junkyard this weekend looking for a set of valve covers to powdercoat. what gm cars use the same covers as TTA's?
  18. instro84

    Power Antenna Relay And Wiring

    so i ordered the crown replacement antenna for my car got it mounted in the fender and routed wiring then i go to connected the wiring harness under the dash i and find the wiring and relay aren't they. anyone know a good source for replacement wiring and relay?
  19. instro84

    Valve Cover Seals

    anyone have a source for the rubber seals that go under the acorn nuts for the valve covers? TIA
  20. instro84

    Fron Suspension Rebuild

    just finished the rebuild on the front suspension, used all gm parts for steering linkage went with the del a lum control arm bushings and qa1 ball joints. need to get an alignment but rides a little smoother now.
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