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  1. michbc3

    Car Bra Recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a car bra for my TTA? Since moving to Florida, I've been smashing a lot of bugs. Probably picking up 3 or 4 every 10 miles or so and the bumper cover is beginning to look a bit weathered.
  2. michbc3

    3 Bolt Turbo Gasket

    I'm about to re-mount my turbocharger. I bought a metal copper gasket. It's a stamped piece of metal and the hole/stamped O-ring that the exhaust passes through is recessed on one side and bumped out on the other. So, does the bumped out part mount on top of the exhaust manifold exit leaving...
  3. michbc3

    Woodward Dream Cruise?

    Is anybody going to meet up during Woodward Dream Cruise week in Michigan? Maybe could sync up with a TurboBuick group? I can't bring my TTA but will be there. A few years ago Scott Kelley showed up at a TurboBuick organized Dream Cruise meet at the Moose Preserve in Bloomfield Hills. The...
  4. michbc3

    25 Years Old

    Was wondering if there was any chatter on the TTA forum about the 25th anniversary of May 28th, 1989. I'm driving my car every day between now and then. If I still lived in Northern Virginia, I'd be celebrating the fact that my car would no longer have to pass a smog check. Being a modified...
  5. michbc3

    Decoding Options

    My primary question is what color is the interior of our cars? Saddle? I need to order a pair of T-top sunshades. Secondly, has someone taken the build sheet in the console glove box and decoded and posted the option codes for a TTA? Thanks, Bob
  6. michbc3

    Fixed Mast Antenna substitute?

    After being in and out of the inner fender about 6 times having repaired or replaced 4 or 5 different power antennas over the last 5 years, I'm totally disgusted with GM power antennas. The plastic coils for antennas produced 25 years ago hardens and breaks. So even NOS that I had laying...
  7. michbc3

    Blow off valves?

    When I close the throttle plates rapidly after being under moderate boost (14 psi), my knock gauge goes crazy. I suspect that this is because the turbo is still supplying a lot of boost pressure, but the ECM is only injecting enough fuel for an idle condition because I'm off the gas and it's...
  8. michbc3

    AC Copper Spark Plugs

    I recently found out that AC discontinued the old R42LTS ($2) copper spark plugs. They are selling an irridium spark plug as a replacement ($8 each). Thought you'd like to know. I have been buying up new old stock.
  9. michbc3

    Which Aeromotive 340 Fuel Pump?

    Aeromotive sells center outlet fuel pumps (model 11140) and two offset outlet pumps (11141 and 11142). Which is the correct one to use inside a Turbo Trans Am fuel tank? Thanks, Bob
  10. michbc3

    Aeromotive 340HP line of Fuel Pumps?

    Aeromotive now sells 11140, 11141 and 11142 fuel pumps with 30% more flow than a Walbro 255 lph that can be mounted in-tank. The 11140 has the inlet and outlet centered. The 11141 has an offset inlet and centered outlet. The 11142 has both an offset inlet and outlet. Which one would be the...
  11. michbc3

    Gas Tank?

    Is there something unique/special about the TTA gas tank? Can I substitute any 1982 to 1989 Firebird gas tank? I'm thinking about upgrading my fuel pump, pulling the original tank and modifying another gas tank to put a sump in it for better fuel pickup.
  12. michbc3

    Temp Gauge Sender?

    Can anyone tell me where I might be able to buy a temperature sender for the temp gauge? The sender on my car is brass with a single stud connector on the end. A green wire coming from the wiring harness with a slide connector attached mates with it. This sensor threads into the front of the...
  13. michbc3


    I am almost finished assembling a new TTA engine for my car. I have a plastic part leftover which looks like a channeled shield in a bag that I marked as "linkage". I have attached a picture of this part next to a spark plug to provide a rough size comparison. Can anybody tell me where this...
  14. michbc3

    Timing Cover Crack Avoidance

    It's very easy to crack these Buick timing cover castings when torque'ing down the upper bolt that supports the crankshaft sensor bracket. I've cracked two covers so far; and of course this is a costly and time consuming mistake. The shop manual calls for 22 lb-ft on this fastener which I...
  15. michbc3

    Rocker Arm Part Number?

    When looking for some replacement rocker arms, I checked NAPA and Summit. Both list Sealed Power part number ZR947. That can't be it as the pictures show a shaft mounted rocker arm - probably for a Buick I'd guess. 1. Does anyone know the correct Sealed Power part number for our TTA...
  16. michbc3

    V6 Engine Cradle?

    I want to store my original engine. I've been looking at engine cradles on the Summit and Jegs web sites, but they generally only state that they fit either small block Chevy, big block Chevy or Ford engines. Are the engine mounts in our TTAs in the same place that they need to be to accept a...
  17. michbc3

    Oil Pan and valve covers wanted

    Hi - I am building a second engine. I am pulling out my original engine and storing it. So I need to find another oil pan to cover up the bottom end of the stored engine. Also need a pair of valve covers to seal up the top. These parts don't have to be for a TTA because the engine isn't...
  18. michbc3


    I want you to be aware of the shady business practices of an internet company that calls itself This company is not associated with GM. Trying to help a neighbor, I ordered a hubcap for Beverly's 86 Corvette based on the part number stamped into the back of it. Apparently...
  19. michbc3

    Stock Cam Spec's please

    I can't seem to find the factory stock camshaft specifications anywhere. Does anyone have a handy link? Thanks, Bob
  20. michbc3

    MAP sensor for gauge

    Ok. I understand that the factory boost gauge in the instrument panel (IP) is mostly for laughs, but I'd like to try to get mine to work a little better. There may be hope. I think that if I replace the gauge MAP sensor, I'd be a lot closer. Does anyone know what part number that is - and where...
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