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    1989 PONTIAC Trans AM 10th Anniversary Indy Glasses - MINT New Old Stock Rare

    Did anyone on here get this set? Not a bad price. Item Number: 281030973782 $191.70 plus $21.00 shipping 1989 PONTIAC Trans AM 10th Anniversary Indy Glasses - MINT New Old Stock Rare...
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    1490 Build

    I received my ROSS pistons, rings and wrist pins last night. Added my previous thread here. #1490 is down due to the nylon gears in the timing setup. When it went, it took out the push-rods and the valves hit the pistons. Motor is out and just delivered to the machine shop for evaluation...
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    1989 At The Track

    Enjoy Photos courtesy of Jim Perkins........
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    KIWI EXPRESS - Shoe Polish

    I used some "KIWI EXPRESS - No Buff Cream Polish - Black Noir" on my hot weather beaten steering wheel this morning and it did a good job of freshening it up. Thanks for the tip Silvio.
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    Cooling Mod - A/C Pressure Switch Bypass

    Purchase the GM weather pack 3 Pin connector, three female pins, three cavity plugs and some 14-16 gauge wire. I got mine from NAPA. Cut the ends of the cavity plugs. Cut two pieces of wire about three to four inches long. Strip both ends of each wire. Crimp one female pin to one end of...
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    Ouch ........

    Ouch .......... Is the owner on the board ?
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    Phoenix Graphix Windshield Banner

    I put a new windshield on Tuesday. I ordered the Phoenix Graphix windshield decal by itself. I ordered it on a Wednesday afternoon and it was at my door on Thursday. Here is what it looks like. I like it better that what was on the car when I got it. The old banner had the letters individually...
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    Group Shot

    I finally did a group shot of my 15th (Automatic), 20th and 25th Anniversary Cars.
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    So who won the TTA Owners Kit on ebay?

    So who won the TTA Owners Kit on ebay? Missing the Manual Cover, Supplement Owner Manual and Congratulations Letter. SYTECH did you get it?
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    C&D All Anniversary Trans Am Video

    The C&D All Anniversary Trans Am Video
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    Four New TTA Diecast

    To All TTA Fans, minimusclecars has four new pre-orders for April of 2009...... I ordered mine............................................................... Bronze Chrome With T-Tops Bronze Chrome Without T-Tops Chrome With T-Tops Chrome Without T-Tops What else is in the works ? I'll...
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    1989 Pontiac Trans Am Pace Car Decal Set

    If any one needs a set for their car, owner's kit or just ot have. I just got a response from the seller. It was just brought to my attention that these decals are not originals as supplied with the vehicle, but a...
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    Car Craft January 2008 Issue

    :read: This Guy's Garage Jim Wangers' Garage Page 23 "This '89 Firebird is a 10,000-mile Turbo Trans Am that was one of the T-top cars used as a parade vehicle at that year's Indy 500. Wangers told us that most of these cars were built with vinyl-leather interior, but this is one of only 24...
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