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  1. nos4gn

    Radiator hoses and clamps for TTA (like original) ?

    This post is for Jan L or anyone that wants to keep their TTA Original as factory. Do you think there is an interest for reproduction upper and lower radiator hoses, and the special clamps as shown in the attached picture? Any responses are welcome. Thanks in Advance!
  2. nos4gn

    Thinking Of Selling #76

    OK, will do. I need to wait until the weather is conducive. It's tucked away for the winter.
  3. nos4gn

    Thinking Of Selling #76

    Not sure if this will work, but here is another video of some of the documentation:
  4. nos4gn

    Thinking Of Selling #76

    Hello everyone, Thanks for the responses. Haven't been on the site for a while. As Jan L knows, I am involved with supplying/producing high quality parts for the Grand Nationals. Some parts are interchangeable with the TTA. Unfortunately I have not had enough time to enjoy my vehicles, and...
  5. nos4gn

    Thinking Of Selling #76

    Gauging interest, thinking of selling my original 1989 Turbo Transam festival car with all the documentation- 7000 miles. Been too busy with the Grand Nationals lately. What is the market like now? Sorry for the typo, it is Festival car # 76. I will ask Jan to include this on his running list.
  6. nos4gn

    ACDelco NOS TTA replacement wires

    We have just obtained some sets of brand new NOS discontinued ACDelco 616N spark plug wire sets (GM part#12073997). These resistance matched and tailored replacement wire sets were made specifically and only for 1989 Vin 7 TTAs. Here is a link to the ACDelco application guide for thes...
  7. nos4gn

    Original Tridon Black Oxide Clamp Sets

    We have just located and acquired some complete sets of original discontinued Tridon black oxide finished air intake AND turbo hose clamps for every connection from the air box to the throttle body. For a complete description and pic, here is a link to the one set we listed on Ebay...
  8. nos4gn

    Fuel Filter Blowout!

    Genuine GM/ACDelco Inline Fuel Filters for $7.95 + $5.00 shipping. GM part#25171792 This special is good ONLY during the month of April. Don't overlook this critical part. Make sure your fuel system can support WOT with a fresh, clean, unrestricted new OEM fuel filter. Here is the...
  9. nos4gn

    WTB: TTA spark plug wires

    The ACDelco 616N plug wire sets that were just discontinued did not have the 20th Anniversary graphics on them. These were just nice sets of 8mm high performance, heat resistant silicone wires tailored specifically for the TTA with ACDelco printing and correct boots. For $27.95 a set, you...
  10. nos4gn

    WTB: TTA spark plug wires

    :thumbup: Congratulations to those of you who ordered a new set of ACDelco 616N TTA spark plug wire sets. We were just informed that these sets are now discontinued and no longer available. We were lucky enough to get the last remaining sets from GM which by luck, happened to be exactly as...
  11. nos4gn

    WTB: TTA spark plug wires

    Hello Chris, If you do not need these in a hurry and you are interested in new stock OEM replacement wires, we can order you a brand new set of ACDelco 616N OEM plug wires for $27.95 + shipping. These spark plug wires are specifically for the TTA and have no other applications. Just let...
  12. nos4gn

    Hose/Ducting clamps

    Hello Tom, These clamps are a little over 3-1/2" in diameter when fully expanded. Regards; [email protected] P.S. Never be ashamed of asking questions. It is a sign of intelligence.;)
  13. nos4gn

    ACDelco D552 Ignition Coil Packs for $39.00!

    ACDelco D552 Ignition Coil Packs for $49.00 nos4gn is offering brand new GM/ACDelco D552/12353801 Ignition Coil Packs with free gasket on our website for $79.00 each. But for members of this board ONLY, we are offering a deep discount ($30.00 discount) on this item only. That makes...
  14. nos4gn

    New Forum Category: Vendor Specials

    Hey Chris, How about a new category for Vendor Specials? This way vendor posts won't interfere with any of the site member parts posts and site members will be able to "shop" vendor specials in one place. Let me know what you think. BTW, although I don't own one YET, I think TTAs...
  15. nos4gn

    Hose/Ducting clamps

    Hello Dave, Although the site was initially developed for GNs and GNXs, there are some overlapping parts applications to the TTA as far as the Vin 7 engine. These clamps are one example. A few more examples are the ignition modules and ignition coil packs. If you have any questions...
  16. nos4gn

    Hose/Ducting clamps

    Hello Tom, These are the proper ACDelco black anodized stainless steel clamps that you are looking for: PM me if you need any more information. Regards; [email protected]
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