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    Timing Chain

    Car has 101,000 miles on it. Going to Ohio (8 hr trip) car ran beautifully, responsive as it should be. Going home, different story, no response like the day before. could this be timing chain going bad? Could anyone help me with part number, maker, etc., what would be a NOS one, if possible to...
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    Cooling fan running after car turned off

    :(One of the cooling fans inconsistantly will not turn off for minutes after I turn the car off, My mechanic replaced the sensor motor and it is still doing it. If I only drive the car a little while, it will turn off or will only run for 3 0r 4 minutes. If I am driving the car on errands...
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    Awards at TTA Show

    What about awards for the woman(women) who come with a TTA?:yes:
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