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  1. Scott89TTA

    Highly Modified Tta What Spark Plugs?

    To the guys with high to highly modified TTA's...not just bolt-ons, talking fully built low 10 to 9 sec cars running upwards of 25 psi on 93 pump with alky or race gas not E85. What plugs and gap are you running? Thanks! Scott
  2. Scott89TTA

    Official Ptp 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Coolant Reservoir Shield Group Buy!

    **********ATTENTION********* Please take a minute to review the list below to verify/update your status. Thanks Official PTP 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Coolant Reservoir Shield Group Buy After several months of waiting the custom PTP Trans Am Coolant Reservoir Shield specifically designed to...
  3. Scott89TTA

    Tta Coolant Overflow / Alky Tank Covers By Ptp

    Ok guys, heads up! Doing another group purchase...see my reply at the bottome of this thread for info... As some of you may know I have been in contact with PTP Turbo Blankets to manufacture new TTA Coolant Tanks covers. I have received the 1st unit for test...
  4. Scott89TTA

    Nice Owners Kit On Ebay...ending Soon!

    Nice owners kit on ebay only thing missing is the key chain...can get them from Carmotorsports
  5. Scott89TTA

    Roller cam, timing set, Cometic head gaskets

    ATR roller cam 212/206 plus dbl roller timing set. Upgrading to a more aggressive setup for new build. Cam & timing set pulled and checked out by Billy Anderson...excellent condition. Includes Weber Racing torrington bearing button upgrade and timing set ($550 in parts and labor). $250 shipped...
  6. Scott89TTA

    TTA/GTA Front dimpled wheels

    My buddy "Jordan" "Undercover87T" on and has 2 TTA/GTA correct dimpled "front" wheels in fair condition for sale. One is black and one is gold so at least the center of one would need to be repainted gold. He was going to use them on his T-Type but has gone a...
  7. Scott89TTA

    1989 TTA Festival Car #99 for sale in Maryland

    My buddy Steve Crisafulli's car is listed in the "Cars For Sale" section on TB. I have seen this car many is VERY nice! -Scott
  8. Scott89TTA

    Is the power antenna wire replaceable?

    My radio used to cut on and off once and a while, now I have nothing but static (cassette works fine). I pulled the radio out and discovered that the connector on the end of the antenna wire on my car is bad (someone put electrical tape on it at one time). I haven't looked deeper yet so is the...
  9. Scott89TTA

    Do I have a failing coil pack or something else?

    Drove my car to work last Monday & Tuesday after sitting for about a month. The car ran great especially withe the upper 50's and low 60's. On the way home Tuesday a couple miles from my house the car bucked/hesitated a couple times, almost seemed like the trans was acting up. I got it home...
  10. Scott89TTA

    New Tires & Wheels for the TTA

    Picked up new tires this morning...wheels will be in next Thursday or Friday. Rear tires: New (just came out) M/T ET Street DR's 295/5R15 (9" rims) Diameter - 27.9" Section width - 12.0" on a 9.5" rim (11.5" on a 9" rim) Tread width - 10.8 Approved rims - 8-10.5 from M/T rep on...
  11. Scott89TTA

    TTA died on the road today...fusible link, ign sw ?

    took the TTA out yesterday and just as I came off the ramp on to 95 it just shut off. I coasted to the side of the road and tried to start it back was completely dead...nothing, no dash lights, gauges, scanmaster, etc. The horn, interior dome light and the parking lights worked. 2/3's of...
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