2,400 mile TTA on Ebay


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Somethings not right with the front lining up to the hood.
Undercarriage is rough for the miles even with the spray.
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I have some comments

1. Yes pics are great
2. BIN Price is too high
3. Gap between front bumper cover and hood is bigger than it should be
4. drivers headlamp motor looks replaced
5. muffler was replaced
6. No mention of original parts that were taken off the motor


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That gap does look weird. I was wondering if it's just angles or something. As just the center part between hood and nose looks weird.

Also looks like rear main is leaking. I see oil ready to drop from flywheel cover.

For that much $$$ I want no leaks lol.

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To get no leaks on this car you would need to have no oil lol.
These cars always leak esp if they are low mileage and don't get driven much.

The gap is definitely bigger than it should be, I don't think it is the camera angle.


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Funny I noticed the gap, but didn't really look too closely at it until you guys pointed it out. Now i can't stop looking at it! Driving me nuts!
I had an 85 firebird that I rear ended a jeep with and it had that nose-hood gap after the collision. I am not saying this car for sale was in a collision I am just stating what happened to me with my 1985 firebird back in 1997.


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Do you think it's just sagging? Like a support broke.

It's odd it's only in the center. The ends seemm to line up okay. Hood and fenders look ok. Not like it's a hood adjustment issue.

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