301 Or 383 Stroker

Hello everyone,
Im new to this forum and really enjoying all the knowledge. Thank you.
I having to decide if I should rip out the old 301 turbo in my pace car and add a 383 stroker or should I just rebuild the original motor 301. The 301 has 41,000 original miles on it. All numbers match 100% in the vehicle. I just even found the original fix a flat dated 1979 in the trunk. The tires are gone but even those are the original. The car belonged to my father n law whom is the 1st owner. I’ve heard these engines were weak and and the turbo was defective. He put a new turbo in back in 2002 but by 2005 it went out again. It’s been sitting in my garage since then. He got tired of it and sold it to me. I still have the original turbo it came in and I can rebuild it but I don’t know at this point if I should even waste my time. The motor still turns but I would probably rebuild since it’s been sitting so long. I’m trying to make a decision of whether or not to just pull the motor out and add the horse power to it but I’m afraid it will depreciate the value in the car. Or would it even make a difference?
Your thoughts?

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As an owner of and 80 and 89 pace car the value of both in my opinion will be in keeping the stock configuration. While the 301 Turbo was not a Super Duty nothing else is and the reality is it was for the time it was built one of the best performing cars available. Late 70 thru mid to late 80s were not known for muscle cars. So it is what it is. While if your looking for performance you could always do your Stroker (Chevy Motor by the way) or numerous other crate motor available today and probably enjoy the heck out of it so basically either ways fine just depend on what you prefer. I do show my 80 in local car show and the uniqueness of the V8 Turbo definitely generates quite a bit of interest, just food for thought.
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