30th Anniversary of the 89 TTA at the TA Nationals August 23-25 2019 Dayton Ohio

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The 89 TTA will be the featured car for the show and we are hoping to have over 50 cars show up to pass the ammount of cars that showed up to the reunion back in 2011. There will be a discussion group and a class trophy just for our group. Make sure to get your cars ready for this big event and register and book your hotels!

Make sure to mark down that you are with the "TTA Reunion" in the club affiliation section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35th Annual Trans Am Nationals

Registration – Welcome to the 35th Annual Trans Am Nationals!!
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You think any buyers would be there?
I have seen cars there that were for sale. I have no idea if any sold. But, you have a gathering of dedicated owners, so I'd say it's a good crowd to pitch it to. If you enjoy a show and cruise, you will enjoy yourself either way.

Mike Arrigo

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I hope to make one of the reunions one of these years. I have not contacted PHS yet to find out any info on the car as far as sequence but was told it was #950? Not that it is of any importance to me.
The under panels of the dash are painted tan, which is interesting. You need to make it to this reunion since there is no guarantee there will be another one.
The under dash pieces are factory correct beechwood colored parts. They were really hard for me to find. Most people think they are Painted.
And never realize those parts were made in all colors. I simply like the contrast -still have the black ones.
Hi Guys,

Just finishing a 3500 mile road trip to Duluth MN. for our daughters wedding. We decided to drive by the hotels in Dayton to check out the venue before the reunion. Very nice host hotels with quite a bit of parking. There is even a Red Lobster around the corner, NICE! See everybody in two weeks.


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Yup, everyone is on Facebook but the hype is still there. The forums are easier to find stuff, but everyone uses Facebook everyday, so is what people look at. Hmm
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