34 k mile tta299


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No offense man, but you're trying to sell a 24K car that does not run. If you want to sell the car, maybe YOU should put a fuel pump in it. That way, next time someone reaches out you're ready to show a running car. Also, you're replying to a post from before we discussed the car on the phone. Neither of cars run according to you.

I'm going to continue. You had the asinine suggestion that I pay for half of the pump. You're the seller version of a tire kicker. I'm very serious about buying a TTA. I am set to look at one in a couple of weeks, happens to be right in the same price neighborhood as yours. Except, this one runs.

I don't know why you felt the need to come back on here three weeks out from our conversation and harass me via the post. I thought you were crazy trying to sell a non-running car for that price that also has "paint issues" that will "buff out".

I had moved on, but you forced my hand to reply by insinuating that I am the one that's out of line.

I'm clearing my name here because I'm going to buy one of these and be an active owner.

Good luck with the sale.
Because off bullshitters like u .. I can get both running in a week an u will make excuses
Gotta say, you must have me confused with someone else. I did not post "months ago" about selling the Iroc. It was in March. Please re-read the thread.

The assertion that I don't "have time" to look at a NON-RUNNING car EIGHT HOURS round-trip is 100% true.

Yes, I am a very busy person right now! I have a garage addition going on, plus I have a 19 month old kid with another on the way. I don't really feel the need to justify how busy I am, but there you have it - I am indeed busy.

You're about a 4 hour drive from me, and when we talked (and I bet is still the case) your car is still sitting with a broken fuel pump. I don't have weekends to throw away because you don't want to prep a car for sale. You can talk tire kickers all you want, but that's all you'll get with a busted car. When you suggested that I pay for half of your fuel pump, I knew I did not really want to deal with you. (If you've fixed the car, great! Maybe you can finally sell it)

As for the car I'm looking at, it RUNS, is driven on a regular basis, doesn't need "buffed out" or any of those things. The car is well-sorted, with new suspension and tires, amongst other things. The car is awaiting scheduling up here in Burlington, NC at a certain turbo shop, so yeah, I haven't bought one yet.

I'm not in a rush to spend 25K, especially on a non-running car. I mean, really, really think about that. Would YOU want to split the cost of a repair on a car you're interested in? Would YOU want to fork over 25K on a non-running car??????

Anyway, that's it. That's my reply. If you feel the need to vent further here, great. But anyone can read this thread and see who is being unreasonable!


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Lmao [ busted car ] it doesn’t need any paint correction I just suggested a buff .. I have sold a non runing car I have owned since 97 was parked since 2002 .. car was running in 3 days .. replaced a fp in a car I had since 13 guy knew it we agreed I fixed fp he drove it home with huge cam .. no complaints on either car but I should have asked more .. I don’t flip cars . Im
Also busy
I'd suggest you post it multiple places. Facebook Marketplace has seen some good results. That and the Facebook groups about the TTA. I know for a fact there's a guy in Apex NC looking for one of these cars.
Sure, "busted" is probably not the correct term for your car. But it does not run, which was my main point. However you came here and unnecessarily attacked me, so forgive me for getting a bit over-defensive.

I'm sure you'll sell the car if you put it on FB.
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