89 TTA with 23k for sale with built stroker


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I have had my TTA for 19 years but ready to move on. Located in Upper Michigan. There is a lot more that I couldn't list on Facebook as they limit the number of words. In addition to what's listed, it has spohn k-member, bolt-in sub-frame connectors, Precision Industries lockup torque converter, laptop with direct scan, walboro pump, AEM boost gauge/controller, Dutt neck TTA intercooler, extra rear wheels with ET Street drag radials...I could keep going. The more I type I keep thinking of things.

I bought the car from the original owner in 1997. In 1998, I sold it to a family friend but bought it back in 2001. So I am the 2nd and 4th owner. The first owner took it to the track one time and said it ran 13.50 stock. I had it to the track twice, once with just a chip and good fuel for 13,29. I installed the 2,000 stall converter, the drag radials and turned up the boost a little for a 12.42 @ 107. I was hooked so my build began in 2008 but never really completed (or back to a track). Was aiming for a 10.0 capable stock-looking street car.

It does have the fiberglass replacement spoiler. There was one little touch up on the drivers rear fender to fix a 1" scratch but was done really well. Should be worth good money if someone takes the time/money to finish what I started. I have made a lot of mistakes during the build, you may not believe me but I have an honest $70k into it. All the parts are high-quality, I didn't cut corners.

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