And The Forum Is Back!


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The Board is back and we are now hosted in Phoenix Arizona.

Sorry for the downtime. Before the old host was bought out by a company in India, I would get alerts if the site was down or there were issues or maintenance being done. Once the buyout took place they put a end to that.
And when there were issues they would fix it at their convenience. They would never reply to support tickets so the best thing to do was get out.
I paid 3 years in advance so I doubt I will get any type of credit.

The new host cost a little more but I wanted US based and English speaking support techs.

Anyway let's hope this host works out like the very first host I had for 14 years.

Mark T-TB

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Thanks Chris - I was hoping it was just some "glitches" and nothing permanent.
Great job getting "us" back on line and even "made in the USA"


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Awesome! I think you will see many more sites and support coming back to the USA as the off-shore support can only read a cue card, if your problem is not on the card, they can't help....much like the programmer brought over here, if they aren't told exactly what to do, they can't come up with a sensible solution on their own....Sorry for ranting..I have worked in I.T. too long :) Thanks Again!
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