Awards at TTA Show

Not coming to fight but to learn - proud of my car - lot more I want and need to do. Only fight (kill) if anyone puts a scratch or damages my car! PS - maybe I'll bring my 156 lb Irish Wolfhound!


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Anyway looking forward to making new friends!!!
Yeah, me too, of both sexes! Guy/gal doesnt matter, I'm just a 3rd gen enthusiast who likes to BS about cars. Everyone should be proud they own a TTA and I'm sure we'll have the realm of stock/racers/modifed type of owners there! Its gonna be a great time!


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A little sexist isn't that ? In today's times, you have to be careful of how people might interrupt that.
Just my opinion
Gotta have thick skin when you play on these forums. Anyone that knows me knows how to interrupt any of my statements! :teehee: I've talked to several of the ladies coming out with their TTA's and they are all first class and they know I kid. Gotta smile and have fun or just give it up and bury your head in the sand! :thumbup:
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