Can't attend the reunion this year? Here is a great way to be involved with it!


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Hey guys we have added a link on the main page to donate some funds towards the TTA reunion this year. What we would like to accomplish is run a full page ad in Pontiac High Performance in the issue that will come out just before the reunion. The full page add costs $1200 bucks that's just to run in one issue. While I've been squeaking every dime I can from the BPG for the event, this is something they typically don't do. I figured we could give all the members here a chance to donate towards the event along with making an issue of Pontiac High Performance collectible!

I've had a few members contact me over the last few months asking how they can help to be involved in the reunion but they can't attend due to distance or other personal reasons. So I figured if you want to jump on board and donate towards this goal for us it would be greatly appreciated by all. We will have at the bottom of the ad something like "this ad donated by the members of Turbo Trans AM.Com.

If you donate you will get a "I Donated to the TTA Reunion!" under your user name. So even if you can't make it join in and help out the reunion! Thanks for your donations!
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