Car Will Not Start

If it starts with coolant temp sensor unplugged I would buy the injector hot wire kit. I am not a fan of 30 year old injectors in a turbocharged car so I would also plan to replace the chip, injectors and get a scan master so you can see what your sensors are seeing. Before buying injectors think about if you want to run E85 or alky later on or if you’re gonna leave it stock. If you’re leaving it stock or doing alky then 60# injectors are fine, if you want to run E85 then start with the 80’s. To put things in perspective stock are 28# injectors and will be close to maxed out at 16 psi on today’s gas. Your injectors May be fine but fuel delivery is too important in these cars to take a chance in my opinion. Lean out one cylinder and you will blow a head gasket. You can get the stock injectors cleaned but by the time you ship them back and forth and pay for the services it doesn’t make sense.

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After reading related posts on the turbobuick forum I feel that the Hot Wire Injector Harness will solve my problem. It make sense that the heat generated by the engine would increase the resistance in my current harness causing less amperage to be delivered to the injectors. Less amperage means less fuel delivery when trying to crank when engine is hot. That deficiency is overcome when gas is placed in front of the throttle body. Will the GN Harness from Racetronix work for the TTA? Thanks so much for your help
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