Car Wont Rev Past 3000 Rpms

Hey guys, My car revs fine in park and neutral. However when you put it in drive it wont go past 3000 rpms with little boost, maybe 5 psi if im lucky. It also idles a little rough. It has an old Kenny bell 210/210 cam if that helps. Any ideas? Im at a loss.


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Did your intake hose to the throttle body come loose? That happened to me, before I removed the crankcase vent oil return to the intake just upstream of the turbo.


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Does it still have a catalytic converter? A plugged / partially plugged converter can make a car behave this way. A collapsed muffler will do it too.
Hey guys. The intake hose is fine and there is no cat. I just replaced the ignition module but haven't taken it out since it was installed. I will update you all asap.
I am experiencing this problem right now exactly as described. Car revs fine in park but once underload will not review past 3K and little to no boost. No codes in the system either. Did anyone find a solution for this issue. Ignition module, turbocharger, vacuum leak something else. Thanks
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