Designed a T-shirt with a TTA for Buick GS nationals

I did a shirt design for Julio, the guy who sells the kit.
Kind of a GS Buick nationals shirt as well as a Alky control shirt. Also had input from members on some of the elements, specifically the alky fueled boost gauge. Pretty animated graphic. This is the proof for the shirt. As far as I know this is what it's going to look like. Yeah, the TTA is getting hammered in the design, but if you go to this event this is what happens about 90% of the time to TTAs. Bunch of gun-slinging Grand nationals show up here. Good luck Quicky One. :poke::kidding:
looking to see you in the 11's sir.:thumbup:

Hey what’s up do you have any rat finkor Alki control T-shirts laying around either way can you please get back to me 347-538-5473
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