Don't know if this happened or not...


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But the old link to the site is disconnected...does that mean that if you didn't catch the new link in the 1-2 days it was up, everyone else does not know where the new site is?

Random thought of the day..,


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yes and no. gets you here
if you bookmarked then your SOL.
I will create a email to inform all the members.

Thanks for the lookout...


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I can't get in, and I got an email saying I was banned.;)
So, you aren't reading this. :)
Chris, I posted in general discussion, but what happened to the registry?
I can't find it.



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Good work Chris! We did this to kill some of those friggin spam bots that were crushin the site all the time. Hopefully they are gone for good now! :)
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