Engine builder Central New Jersey area

Ok looking for someone to freshen her up. I just did a rear main seal, bearings look they are getting tired.

Any body in the central New Jersey area that's good? I seem to remember a Scott , forget the last name, in South jersey?

Any idea of rough cost? prob nothing crazy. May not even do a cam. If I do mild, maybe some mild head work would the most likely.

She is pretty much stockish. TA 49, MSD 50's, chip, fuel pump and exhaust.

I know there is Cottons up in Mass. But looking for someone closer.



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Chris k I’ve heard good things abt Brian .. does he do machine work also ? Read what all jack merkel does to thes motors.. he goes the extra mile

I’d say billy Anderson is the best for full on motors myself .. since Dan Strezo quit
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