"Flexible" Intake Pipe 25525662


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Glad you all have received your intake pipes. Let me know if any of you guys need or would like anymore. I originally bought 4 for myself just in case somewhere down the line somebody needed one. :) However I am willing to part with one of those as well. Which would make 3 available for $56 /each which includes shipping.


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Just wanted to put this out there to you all.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a intake pipe, please let me know. I spoke with Flexfab, they are the company that makes them and they don't have many in stock so i was thinking about purchasing all their remaining stock. Therfore if you guys wanted to return your cars to the "stock look" at least you will have the pipe available. However I will only do that depending on the price I can get them for and depending on how many people are interested.

Highwaystars.net had some but since last week i guess they ran out.

Let me know ASAP. I plan on purchasing within the next day or two.
Any possibility after all these years there are more available?

Jan Larsson

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Jan I need this hose for one of the TTAs. Anywhere today to get one?
only place I’ve seen any NOS ones show up are on eBay .... just looked and there’s two listed ....

just post up on a few forums that you are looking for one and see if someone like to part with it
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