Genuine PVL TTA Accessories: Indy Jacket, TTA Sweater, Drink Glasses. Brand New!

I have a bunch of brand new TTA accessories that I inherited with the purchase of #522. These are all original items provided by the original TTA accessory manufacturer PVL, Inc. All are brand new condition except bra. I'm open to offers provided they are reasonable. Will put these on ebay soon but would rather TTA owners get these items and display them proudly rather than speculators!

Jacket (L): $600 (I do have a 2nd Large that I plan to keep but could could be talked out of it)

Glasses (set of 4): $200

V-Neck Sweater: $200

Trans Am LeBra Bra (used): $100

I also have the original owners kit that's not exactly for sale but would entertain offers.

Contact Tony @ 614-395-1482 -- [email protected]

Thanks for looking and let me know if you need more pics. Again all brand new stuff and I'll even cover shipping.


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