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GN/Ttype Central Get Together JUNE 6, 7, and 8

Discussion in 'Car Shows & Up Coming Events' started by PaulybTTA, Apr 10, 2014.

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    GET TOGETHER JUNE 6-7-8 ,2014
    GN/Ttype Central Get Together
    We are very excited to Announce yet another upcoming Get Together for our Buick GN/ Ttype community.
    Last year we held 2 events which were so successful that we continue to get calls and emails about it.
    The first event was held June 15th and despite the early rain 42 GNs/TTypes attended. The second event was held
    on Sept 28th,2013 with a record breaking 89 GNs/TTypes in attendance. Event Location and Dates:
    Location: Holiday Inn 860 Irving Park rd, Itasca Ill. Photos Main Events: Sat. & Sun June 7-8, 2014
    Note:Friday June 6th. Meet and greet This Day is open for possible dinner, Drive to nearby Drive Inn, and or just hangout by there great bar area.
    Holiday Inn Reservation Link: GN/Ttype Central Booking link
    Event Details: After much discussion with the Holiday Inn Manager, we were able to secure our event there. They were kind enough to give us room discounts, along with discounts on the dinner buffets, the use of the large conference room and parking lot.
    Our event will be filled with everything we can possible think of that our brothers and sisters would enjoy,and experience.
    Tech Session: We reserved a large conference room to hold a Tech Session which will take place on Saturday, with various speakers on different subjects. From Turbo Talk, to Suspension,Xfi, Fuel injection,chips, wiring, alcohol injection, E85 and much more. Should you wish to know about items or you have your own questions,this is for you!
    Car Show.. We will be having a car show and we will be presenting awards. So shine em up. Cruise: For those who love to cruise their ride. We are planning a nice cruise on Sunday
    Racing: The ChicagolandBuick chapter has set this up for us and it is scheduled for Sunday Racing will be held at Byron 7287 N River Rd, Byron, IL 61010
    Swap Meet: If you need a part you might find it here or if you want to sell something, as long as it fits on a table you can bring it to sell. This is scheduled for Sunday.
    Raffle: We have various supporting vendor who donated parts to raffle off helping us grow and unite our GN/ TType family. You don’t want to miss this. Trust Me...
    Music:We will definitely be playing your favorite 8o’s music from our favorite artists.
    Security: Big on our list is Security. For everyone concerned about the safety of their cars, we have
    that covered.
    In our group are various police officers who will be on duty all day and night. All cars will be parked in a specific location which No one will be allowed to enter that area and leave with a car without first checking with them showing proof of ownership.
    Vendors Attending the Event: I am pleased to announce the vendors that have confirmed their attendance.
    • Highwaystars
    • HrParts and Stuff
    • Precision Turbo
    • Full Throttle Speed • Caspers Electronics
    Supporting Vendors:
    • SpoolFool • Precision Turbo •TrCustoms • HrParts N Stuff
    •Jimmy’s Transmission • TurboTweak ?
    • Jimmy’s Transmission • Metcomotorsports
    •Sound Performance •Jax Wax
    •Midwestcustomengravers • AlRadco •Competition Components

    • Highwaystars
    • Full Throttle Speed
    • Caspers Electronics
    Non Supporting Vendors: Any vendor that is not listed above and wishes to attend or support this event must first contact Benny or Prasad.
    Special Guest: We are working on gathering a few special guest speakers to come speak in regards to some history on our cars.
    Any Questions or Comments:
    Hotel Reservation
    Mention Group Code is GNT
    773 251-8198
    630 965-1987
    1800 315-2621
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    Thanks for posting. This would give me the chance to show up at Sweet6 house with a weekends worth of clothes and stuff.:eam:


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