Help With Starting Conversations

Hey there guys.

For some reason I can't start a conversation with other forum members.

I can preview but when I hit the start button it says javascript error.

Any ideas?


Mike Arrigo

Well-Known Member
maybe try a different browser. Sometime that causes issues. Hope all is well up there in Canada buddy! 30th reunion coming next August 23 in Ohio at the Trans Am Nationals. Bring a car ;)

Mike Arrigo

Well-Known Member
Hey there, I tried to send you a conversation, but I had no luck as well. Who knows why, but it doesn't work. What I was going to ask is that we are going to try and come up with a logo for the 30th TTA Reunion if you (RatFink since I don't know your real name lol) feel bored and want to try making one. The reunion will be at the TA Nationals next August in Ohio. Hopefully you get this, Mike aka Strobie

Mike Arrigo

Well-Known Member
We are just setting up all the particulars, but the guys running the TA Nationals are excited to host our group for 2019 and give us certain parking, 2 trophies for our group and lend us a conference room to hold a seminar in. :)
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