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Discussion in 'ScanTools / Chip Chat' started by Guss23, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Hello all, I just bought a 47,000 mile car out of Virginia. The car was misrepresented to me as it was supposed to be in unmolested near perfect car. After receiving it, I came to find its flaws. The worst is the mechanics of the car. It was very slow starting. It cranked fine but it would takefor five seconds of cranking before it would start. After it started it smelled a little rich but it would go away after a few minutes. It Idled at 1,000 and relatively rough but had a lot more low-end torque than my previous Turbo Trans Am. I change the spark plugs, wires and coil's. I figured it may be bad injectors so I call Eric at turbo tweakand ordered a set of 60 pound injectors and a matching chip. After receiving them we install them as per instructions and now it runs just as rough but the service engine light keeps coming on and the turbo gauge keeps sticking at 10 pounds. As per Eric's suggestion, I bought a scan-master 2.1 that should arrive tomorrow. Is anybody heard of anything like this happening?Any ideas?
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    Wait till you get it hooked up to a scanner otherwise it's just a guessing game. My guess since the injectors have been replaced is a bad O2 sensor. With the scan master, verify the O2 X-counts go from 0-255 in less than 90 secs...then move on to what the BLMs are reading on it.

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