Looking For Original Spark Plug Wires That Have The Trans Am 20th Anniversary Stenciled On

I have a supplier that is willing to make these spark plug wires with the proper stenciling. He is looking at the original diameter size along with a performance version.
The only thing he needs is a original set to look at. He is willing to give out a free set to anyone who is willing to help on this project. So maybe someone has a extra set that they are willing to loan!
The company is a well known company in the 3rd Gen Market so there will be no trickery here.. 89 TTA Factory Spark Plug Wires 1.jpg


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I have a set of NOS wires and an original jacket. Im not in the habit of loaning out items to someone I havent met. I would however consider loaning the items with a substantial deposit and an agreement for some product when done. Just a conversation starter........

Jan Larsson

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Some good photos and the correct length and diameter should be all they need rather than someone loaning a set to you ... who’s the manufacturer ?
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