Maf Pipe


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There is not one available for our cars anymore. you can use a gn one with extra couplers but imo it looks like ass. I attempted to have one fabricated but wasn't worth the time and effort. went back to stock
It has to be angled and the reason the Fac. looks cleaner is because everything is black.. so unless you go SD you have no choice... BTW Lsttype i would put the same type clamps you have on the Maf pipe on the up-pipe.


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Do you have any pics of the maf pipe turbo89? I might be interested in one. Whats the diameter and length?
they are 3" Stainless only .. with and without a IAT .. BOLT on with no clearance issues .. the finish on the pipe is a spun stainless just like in the pic with the hoses and clamps installed. Alternatively you can also get a polished stainless for a bit more.


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