Maybe we can add other Anniversary cars into the Other Vehicle Specific Area


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Hi all!
Is it possible to maybe add some other sections for other Anniversary Trans Ams into the Other Vehicle Specific Area?
Just wondering, as quite a few years ago, there was a 25th Anniversary Site that went down when the original owner sold his car, and I noticed that the 30th Anniversary Site went down as well.
Maybe we can bring in some more members, and get some more people over here.
I mean, there are some owners here who own/want to own other Anniversary cars.
What does everyone/anyone think?



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I think it would be cool if we made an anniversary trans am website. Something that has a couple sections for each anniversary (of course the 20th being the biggest, badest, and most important one though :worthy: :D ) There's several members on here who have multiple anniversary cars.


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I think is a good idea :) I also like the idea of an anniversary trans am site, it would appeal to alot of people I think. There's enough of them with the 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, and even Collectors Edition cars are sort of anniversary cars(35th and final year of Firebird).


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Get to work on that boys! We'll give you some server space! I can't keep up with the site I have/run now! :shock::bounce::wall: I like the idea tho! :)


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Honestly if I knew how to make a website I would probably do it. I might try contacting a friend who is into making forums and stuff to see if he could help me. Chris, would be willing to link back and forth or even just transfer stuff? I'll be looking into it a bunch tonight and I guess I'll get back to people with what I find out.


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mr.turbota said:
I'm like 72firebird myself.
If I could, I would do it in a minute.
I would like to see something happen.

Well it looks like something should be happening. I need to talk with Jim a little more and then I need to contact my friend who has done a couple forums and see if he'll help me out some. Hopefully I have something up and going around the begining of November. Now I need to decide what the domain name should be or something different.


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I think this would be a great idea as well. I've learned so much about my turbo ta in the few weeks that I have been reading the posts on this site. So to expand it to other annv. cars would bring in more people with more to share.
Well whatever you do make sure when you type in it forwards to the new address. Many people find this site because of the ease of finding it. No one will think to search "annivertransam"

Jan Larsson

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In general I think it's a good idea, as mentioned many TTA owners do have other anniversary TA's and many of us are interested in them ...

However having said that, personaly I think adding more anniversary TA's to this site will make it loose the focus and value for all us TTA owners ... all threads will get posts related to any anniversary TA and not like today just the TTA ... yes we would drive more traffic to this site but the TTA will be only one of 6/7/8 or so other cars ...

As an extreme example take a look at catering for all 3rd gens and try to find anything TTA related or heck even anything Firebird TA 1989 related.

Creating a separate site for all the anniversaires will also have the effect we will loose traffic and posts on this site ... cross linking between sites and forums might work but might also get pretty messy ...

If we do go ahead with this, I suggest a master site then link to the individual sites and forums for each anniversary model keeping this site as is and the master site just have a higher level overview of all anniversary details (maybe history etc) but link out to individual sites and forums for each model.


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Have to agree with Jan here. The reason I keep coming back to this site long after I have sold my car is that it is focused on the TTA and the TTA owners. I'd have to say I've even grown to like a few of you guys over the years. The TTA has long been the forgotten stepchild of Pontiac and Buick and trying to find info on the car quickly on any other site just isn't practical. Let the other owners visit this site and have some sort of link to the other sites for other anniversary cars and we can visit those.

Just my $.02. :cheers:


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Well the thing is the only other anniversary that actually has a site is the 30th. Here's my idea, I'd like make a site for general anniversary knowledge, history, and things like that. I would in no way plan on try to eliminate this site. Infact, I would probably just put a link to this website for all technical TTA information.

I'd like to create individual information pages similar to what was for each of the anniversaries, I know a couple people who are very knowledgable about some of the anniversaries and could probably help me with some information and maybe writing the section for their cars. However, the 15th guys get no love anywhere for example. Thirdgen sites just kind of push them to the side and they don't really have their own site so I think they could really benefit. The 10th Anniversary guys normally just post on the 2nd gen sites and a couple of them have some good information but it's a little sporatic. The 25th I believe used to have a good website but it doesn't exist anymore and everything just gets lost in the huge lt1 sites. The 30th has their own website but I would more than likely just work with them similar to what I plan on doing with this site. I absolutely love this site, which is why I think an anniversary site is needed because the anniversaries that don't have something like this are really missing out. It's amazing that amount of information you can get about your car when it's a special edition and you have a strong community like this.


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Since went down, there are no other sites for these cars.
When I wrote this, I didn't mean to have huge info gatherning site for other Anniversary Trans Ams, more like just adding to the specialty section here, like with the Turbo Trans Ams (second gen turbos) and the LS-1 section.
Just a place where some people could come and visit, and talk about their other cars.
I would love to see a big Anniversary website, but as Jan said, it may take people away.
Just name it Anniversary Trans Ams, or maybe possibly each Anniversary by year.
It was just a thought, and not trying to get this site to be something it's not.
I mean, I am surprised that the LS-1 section didn't take off more.
I was afraid that it would turn into a slamming section for all the a**holes to say their car was faster.
It hasn't happened, so I am glad of that.
I see nothing wrong with linking to other sites, we just ask to be linked back.
As everyone stated, there are owners of 20th TTAs who own other Anniversary Trans Ams.
It would be nice to talk about them on a section of this site.
Not for any one of those Anniversary sections to take over/away from us.

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