Notice To All Tta Owners...

I am interested in:
1) Steering wheel
2) original radio
3) the interior panels for the entire rear
4) filler panel between the the tail lights
If you have an extra:
Steering wheel
Dash harness
Map pocket badge
Driver side seat belt
Front seats
Plug wires
Air intake parts

I'm feeling kinda like I'm being greedy, so I'll leave it at that. And, I know you haven't itemized the trailer yet. I'm in no rush...

Thanks for everything!
I haven't been in touch for a while with you. I asked about a couple trim parts for me TTA - any chance you have them? I know you sold one car, so maybe they are gone. I know the front wheels are hard to get ,so I'm not surprised if you don't have one available.


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evening, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyy old... so I apologize if I may have missed anything.....did you end up selling the roller ...thanks
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