Passed a trailer TTA today........

.....Who was it?? It was Noon today(Thursday) and I was on I-70 about an hour West of Columbus, an hour East of the Indiana line, you were headed east on I-70. Trailered car, pulling vehicle was dark blue, black, dark green...something dark, seemed to be a newer Grand Cherokee, Ford or similar SUV.
You made my day, when I left this morning headed to Missourri, all I wanted was to see 1 TTA heading to Hebron, and your car was the only one I seen, i passed plenty of enclosed trailers raising my curiosity of what was in them.
You guys are killin me, I wanted to be there very badly....reading the posts now after passing the above mentioned TTA this morning is just making me wish I was there.
Yup that was me.... Man traffic was bad around Columbus. Pulled the TTA from Edmonton Canada we left last sat and were left from Chicago this morning.!!! Was a fun haul!!!
Everyone pullin their TTA with a black truck/ jeep. That's funny how we all are kinda the same lol. Too bad you have to go to Missouri... Hopefully someone makes a video.
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