Sad News

Hello everyone,

For the older members who may remember my father, member by the name of '89icbm', I wanted to post that his recent absence from the forum was due to his death in 2012. He cherished a lot of the time he spent talking with everyone on the 89TTA e-mail group, forums, and local owners to him in and around Houston. I apologize for the delay in this, but there was a solid 3 to 4 year period where I did not even want to look at the car, let alone his old home. When looking over a new purchase I made for the 89 and explaining it to my wife (felt she needed to know that I just spent $3800 on a car......) I went searching for pictures of 89TTAs on the internet, show her the car and explaining the history of the car to her (she has yet to see it due to a move I had to make for work, which is when i ended up meeting her, and the car has been in the hand's of my uncle while he chases down various issues that my father was working on before he passed). From that search, I found this forum, and then said, "I bet my father was a member"... and, of course, he was.

Anyways, I just wanted to update any older member who might remember him and was wondering where the old Irishman went, and to say the car is still in the family, and still being worked on.

Logan (Young Irisher...????)

Jan Larsson

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Really sorry to hear the sad news.

Even if I never had the chance to meet frank face to face we first met on the old bulletin board and he was always fun and helpful to chat with.

Wealth of knowledge and always happy to share and help when he could.

Enjoy the TTA like he did and anything you need help with we are all happy to advice and answer questions on here !!
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