Sorry to keep asking?!?!?!?!?

I was told also about the Pontiac 350. How easy would it be to get a hold of this engine and install it. I would imagine that it would be a litle easier then a chev 350.

I have had a little trouble trying to find engines (Pont 350) and parts.
I have had trouble finding perf parts for the 301 Turbo if any.

I really am trying to nail down what I want to do. I have about $2500 for the engine alone. :?:


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Hi jisturm!
There are no performance parts for the Turbo 301! Aftermarket would be Nitous! I have done this myself! I have had good luck with it so far. Nothing blown up! For now, that is.
As for an engine. With the Turbo 301 motor mounts, and Pontiac engine should drop right in. This would make engine transplanting easy. However, getting Pontiac engines is getting harder and harder to find. Best bet, 455. Next, 400. Then the 350. The cheapest engine to get and build up will almost always be a chevy 350! But things will have to change in the engine bay. Mounts for one. Then, the wireing harness. Chevy mounts starters on the opposite side of Pontiac. as well as the battery. I don't think any of the Pontiac 301 Turbo parts will interchange with any other engine. I know that the assecessories brackets won't. Smog will be the biggest problem for you, even if you ever resale the car.
If you have more questions, feel free to email me at: [email protected]
I will try to answer your questions, but it may take awhile to respond back to you. You could always email me your phone number, and I could call you on the weekends. I love free long distance weekend minutes!!!!

Hope this helps,

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