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So there was a tag going around the Jeep community on YouTube that called jeep owners out to tell their story of how they got into Jeeps and how they got the one they own now. So I made a follow up video with mine and just this week I broke the rules and extended the tag pout to anyone with any car, why keep it to just 1 community. So I made a video explaining how I got my Trans Am that I have today! Please feel free to share your story as well whether it is here on this forum or just in the comments on the video! Thanks for watching and subscribe if you like!



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065F7748-8AA0-4029-8751-6B279F82FEDF.jpeg Nice story! I’ve been in Mopar guy for most of my life! In the 80s I got in the grand nationals. Couldn’t afford to buy one. We heard about the 1989 turbo trans am that was coming. I went to the Detroit auto show and I sat in the turbo Trans Am. I was hooked! It took 20 years but I did finally get one. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!
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