Trying to find....

Help Im trying to find a good detailed web site to do a GN 3.8L swap into a 86 TA. I know ther must be info out ther just havent found it yet.
Thanks in advance Mike Fitz
heres what I've come up with!

I'm looking to do exactly the same thing? I'm gonna post a thread later but heres what I've come up with!

So far we know I need a....

1. complete gn engine with all the intercooler piping, gn trans or a decent compatable high perf tranny(any recommendations) /wire harnees/ computer fuel lines and walbro 340 fuel pump, hotwire kit, a volt booster kit!

2. 9 bolt 3rd gen rear ( GTA's most not all and TTA had them) very strong and bolts right in be sure to get a disc brake posi unit with 3.27 or the 3.42 gears. along with the driveshaft . or a GN rear, but we might use a ford 9" rear w/ 3.93 gears...89 tta engine mounts, sphon crossmember and torque arm for a 89 tta

you will need to have a fuel tank from a fuel injected car . otherwise your asking for trouble.

a heater box and controls from a non ac car would make it all nice and clean.
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