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Well, I got number 1022, which appears to have been owned (still?) by Turbo Trans Am Forum

User hasn't been on this forum for over 5 years.

Anyone know about car #1022? I was wanting to modify the diecast for my white 1988 Trans AM T-Top. This is the second diecast TTA that I've gotten below 15xx.

He did leave an email address in his post ([email protected]). I'd at least give that a try before you write him off, if not trade somebody for a #1551 or higher TTA diecast before you modify it.
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I found and bought a Greenlight TTA diecast at the Mecum auction in Indy last weekend without decals.....WTF?
The ones with the decals, rear strob lights are the pace car replicas from Greenlight, they have now recently released the 89 TTA cars and they do not have the decals or the strobe lights .... both t-top and hardtop versions released but as I said these are not pace car replicas just 20th anniversary TTAs ...
I am David Sigur and I would love to get a diecast for my TTA. I have number 1536 leather / ttop.
My email is [email protected]
Hi all,
Well, I sent out an email to the person working with Lane to do the TTA Diecast, with the information I have so far.
This is what I need for now.
Your last name:
Chad-email address too
The Swede
Email address:
Car combos (T-Top/Leather, T-Top/cloth,etc.):

And, from the rest of you, I need your name, email address, and car combo!
Lets not lose this diecast project!!

I have the info on the following cars:

What does everybody else have?????
Send me your info for your car!!
Email me at: [email protected]



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