Tta Door & Windshield Decal & Misc Parts & Manuals For Sale

With the recent sale of my last TTA to the collector in Canada, I have some remaining items that I am offering to TTA members before I put them on Ebay.

The items for sale are: (1) Door Decal......(1) Windshield Decal......(2) Turbo Emblems for front fenders...(1) TTA Owners manual....(1) 89 Firebird Owners manual....miscellaneous new car warranty booklets for TTA.

I have attached a picture of the items to this thread. I want to sell all of the items at once.....and will sell all of the items for $200.00 plus shipping costs.

Jerry Kircher 240-535-9806 [email protected] TTA Parts For Sale.JPG TTA Parts For Sale.JPG


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If there is any chance you'd sell all the manuals separately, let me know. Otherwise, door luck with your sale. It looks like quite the deal
Guys....I only want to sell everything to one buyer and I'm not interested in separate sales. As I stated, there is (1) door decal that you can see in the picture.....and the other long white strip in the picture is the PONTIAC decal for the front windshield. Jerry


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PM sent. I'll buy it all or if someone else bought it already please contact me, I need the Firebird owners manual & suppliment but not the TTA manual.
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I called, I sent email directly & PM here.
I just called again this morning 5 minutes after posting this and sent a text.
Where do I send the $?
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I was first and responded here, emailed and called. I'll definitely take the stuff. If for some reason, it went to you already, no hard feelings. If not, get in line :D lol
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