Tta On All Girls Garage


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And don't take my comment as being meant as the least bit disrespectful. Bogi is an ASE Master tech, and shop owner, along with TV host. She's already forgotten more about cars than I'll ever know. Rachel and Cristy are awesome as well. I follow all 3 on instagram. I'd feel privileged to get to spend a day in the shop working along side these 3 ladies.


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I'm with you on that Dave. My comments were only meant to be funny. Just a little humer in the picture. You can tell the way Bogi talks and represents herself,, that she could build a TTA to run low 10's. I'm just using that as an example. Personally speaking, we should probably end this conversation and move on 2 another worthwhile conversation. It's all good on my end. Take care guys :)
Matt, the director, told me that all 3 were ASE certified, Rachael is the executive producer of AGG. They didn't use nearly enough lacquer to do the flush, I would have soaked it with a gallon and rinsed with another gallon. BTW, the spout on those gallon cans are off center so when the can is full you pour with the spout at the top so it doesn't glug and spill all over the place.
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