What happened to all the smilies?


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I logged on today, and noticed that all the smilies show a red "X" today.
Is it the site, or something on my end?

Just wondering,



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I just posted somewhere else, and I noticed that when you get to write the message in the box, underneath it, are all red "X"s.
Anyone else see that?
I can post some smilies without the picture showing. ;)
The old fashion way. : )

Crazy internet's been drinkin again:drunk:

Oh yeah, I've been looking through other forums and we really have some great smileys to pick from compared to others. Maybe we shoud have a thread to submit other unique smileys. I like em, so much so that I did the:jason:smiley

Here are some others I found on another site that are pretty good.

:NOS: I like this one.
Me Too! Thinkin about juicen it? I 've seen some good results on the Buick V6.
Low shot, like 50. My bro has been running a 50 shot in his Pontiac GTP SC V6.
He went 13.50's at 106mph. Front W d. Nothing other than a cutout and removed air filter, 12 psi...I think, pump gas. There are some interesting threads on Buickturbo.com.
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