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Hi, I’m interested in the 1/18 green TTA. Can you send me some pics to my cell 914-815-0293. Thanks Ralph

Can you do me a favor? I'm using Firefox Quantum 61.0 64 bit.

When I try to reply to a thread, or post a new one as a test, I do not have a text or dialog box to post the body of the message.

All of the other boxes for title, poll, tags, etc. are all there.

Can you pass this on to our Admin? If the screen shot is needed, I can sign into IE to send that.

Im interested in a couple of your YYA golf shirts. Can you call me or is there a phone number I can call you at?

Hey Scott my name is Bill ,
I own 579 now I was wanting to try to give you a call and see if I could get a little background on it. If you could please give me a call 5134641237 thanks
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