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02-26-2011, 01:48 AM
(This one post should be a sticky in and of itself. It is like having the whole GM parts computer in your lap free of charge. It will save people from going to GM dealers or buying 4" thick obsolete books to find part #'s. Not to mention parts can be ordered too. Not only that, it works for all GM cars.)

You can get every part number for the car on this one website url. 1989 Pontiac Firebird Parts - LC2 MW9 2FW87 (http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/code/1989-pontiac-firebird-lc2mw92fw87.html)

That website contains the entire parts manual for the firebird, with illustrations and blow up diagrams and part numbers. It also contains all the illustrated parts manuals for all the gm cars newer than about 1980. Each manual is a 4" thick book but here it is computerized.

If you want other cars parts use this address: GM Auto Parts at gmpartsgiant.com (http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/gm-auto-parts.html)

Just don't lose these links. If you go to the main page of the gmpartsgiant site, and try to navigate yourself to the parts you need, they won't have the whole part # on anything. they will put asterisks on the first 2 digits of every part #. (the whole manual and all the illustrations will be there, but it will lack the first 2 digits of every part #) To avoid this problem, start navigating from one of the links I gave you above.

IMPORTANT: I just realized that they removed the illustrations from the part of the site that has the whole part #'s. So just use the part of the site with the asterisked part numbers to find what you need using the illustrations and blow up diagrams provided. Start here: Part Detail
To view the diagrams, you must press the blue "GET > INFO" button that is above the parts list, which will lead you to the parts diagram associated with the parts list you have selected. This is the same exact system the GM dealers have on their computers, except the first 2 digits of each part # are asterisks.

If you still want the whole part #, use this link: 1989 Pontiac Firebird Parts - LC2 MW9 2FW87 (http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/code/1989-pontiac-firebird-lc2mw92fw87.html)
and navigate to the section you need, and you will have the same listings with complete part #'s (but without illustrations).

To make this clear I will include 3 examples here. First, a parts list with the "Get Info" button available for illustrations. This happens to be a fuel system parts list:Part Detail

Now, the same list with complete part #'s but without the "Get Info" selection for illustrations: 1989 Pontiac Firebird Fuel System, Exhaust, Carburetion, Emissions - LC2MW92FW87 (http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/section/1989-pontiac-firebird-fuel-exhaust-carburetion-emission-system-lc2mw92fw87.html)

And now, here is the illustration link associated with the "Get Info" Button from the first list: 1989 F,Fuel Supply System,-V6 (LC2/3.8-7) - 2F03022

It is a little cumbersome finding what you want but if you pay attention you will find it. There will be parts for other 1989 firebirds there too, so make sure you are selecting the right thing. In other words, even in a list that is for the tta, there will be parts for other motors in some categories, so make sure you don't select a category with 5.0 E motor, or whatever. If you see a category for the 5.0 motor, you will also see a category for the 3.8. You will see what I mean when you get there. Everything for the tta is there.
Some parts on these lists are even for sale. Just beware that SOME stuff will be made to the quality of modern gm cars, rather than the better quality stuff they made in 1989. Some of the parts that GM makes today are made in China, in the same factories that make the 3rd rate discount store parts. I ordered some stuff from this place, some parking lamp housings and lenses, some reflectors, a gas pedal a brake pedal, and some hoses and a decal. Everything was good except the parking lamps, which were clearly cheap reproductions in GM packaging. Not even boxes. Just baggies with GM GENUINE PARTS printed on them. The light housings themselves were cast with Made In China as part of the casting. Black spray paint overspray was on the front of the orange lenses. I doubt the size and shape is even correct. They are not going on my car. Just realize that you may get an equivalent part and you may get a part with quality adjusted for today's cesspool. I didn't think GM would go to the trouble of recasting plastic light housings for 20 year old cars, but they did. (I thought they might be old stock or leftovers from the original US parts production) (Imagine ordering a new Garrett Turbocharger, or LS1 engine block, and seeing "Made In China" cast right into the aluminium)

All the other stuff I ordered was good though. Especially the hoses.

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ohhh good find